Week 10 – Rolling with Bong

There were a lot of us at class on Wednesday this week, however all went well. Eldest child of mine took a “Bong” with him. It’s a curtain pole really but just what is required for performing the Bong Work. Anything about head height will do. He did not do too bad at all. We are going to see what else we can find for number two son and will have to buy something to make one for me. A bit of thick dowel or a broom handle will suffice. I must admit to admiring the Bongs some of the brown belts have as they have bought rather fancy ones which have been sculptured a bit too.
From the instructors visit to SENI 2004, they did a demo and found out about the latest T Shirt, which we can wear to class in the summer, hurray!!! My jacket feels very thick to me. Cannot wait for my t shirt. These T shirts are yellow, very yellow and have a caricature of Master Johnson on them, well it was suggested that it was. They are quite good.
Sundays class was also well attended considering it was very sunny. As it was the bank holiday week end we actually did some things for fun. We split into 4 groups and had a Board kicking corner, a rolling/bong corner, pad work corner and swords corner. My group was the smallest and we did not get as much time at the swords as the rest but we had a lot of fun. I managed to kick the board in two like you are supposed to. However I did not get it on the first go. We have found another stick, (broom handle) that No. 2 son can use. And I bought a bit of dowel for me. Needs to chop it down, but it will be fine. Talking of bongs I managed to roll with the bong as requested which was quite good.

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