Week 15 – Away on business

This week the kids went to their class on Wednesday with their Dad. I was away on business. They worked hard as usual I do believe.
I returned from my trip very tired but made the effort to get to the Adult class on Thursday night. I really enjoyed it. There were 7 people including the instructor. Therefore we spent quite a lot of time lined up doing set moves. They were very complicated and I am not sure I do need them yet but I tried. However I did not get them right. I found them very difficult. We went through the forms from Basic up, I managed that one reasonably well, on Cho Dan I really had to correct myself at the last bit, I went into a low block instead of the sudo block. However I did it again and finished the form correctly I hope.
We went through all our techniques and moves including the board kick, I suppose the only thing we did not do was the 3 step sparring. I still need to practice the bong form so I do not move my feet too much.

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