The Grading

The Grading
With much nervousness all three of us went to the “Grading” we had warmed up a little at home, well I had! We then proceeded with a warm up for the grading whilst waiting for Master Johnson to appear. He entered the Do Jang and proceeded to take charge. He suggested that it was run as a normal class, but our instructor preferred that we did a formal grading. We all sat at the back of the room and awaited our names to be called out. On hearing our names we had to run to the front shouting ‘Yes Sir’, luckily both boys were very loud as was I.
After the White Belts, came the turn of the Yellow Belts, we all worked hard and as an after thought two of us wished we had the nerve to do Cho Dan Hyung, seeing as we know it, however we did not. I managed to break the board on the second go, hmmm I nailed it last time, so was alittle disappointed. We did not have to do any Bong work which was just as well as there were alot of Yellow Belts grading to Orange today. After our turn, it was the orange belts, they too worked had, one member had injured his Hamstring, he managed to continue with the grading, so much so that he was double graded. It was then the turn of all the other grades. Purple onwards. They had to work very hard doing all the forms that they knew plus many moves. They all did very well.
At the end of the grading Master Johnson explained some of his ideas and that as long as everyone tries really hard they will pass the grading. It’s not obligatory in the early grades to be brilliant, enthusiasm goes a very long way, and boy we were enthusiastic. I wanted that Belt! All the members passed their grades. Two double graded, orange to purple stripe and a White to orange, these two are very good at what they know and deserved it.

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