Kong Sudo

One of my greatest achievements is to receive my Second Dan Dan Grade from Master Tony Johnson.  I had my grading in December 2008 and have in the last three years suffered injury, so I have not been training as much as I should.  The most recent malady was a knee injury which meant surgery!  I should be able to return to training sometime in the next six months at time of press.  I have missed my karate training with 5th Dan Dan grade Master Janet Mckenna

Li Style T’ai Chi
I started to do T’ai Chi after finding I was aggravating a problem with my hip at karate and had to have a break from it. I found a local class and my first one was quite nerve racking.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the preciseness of it and appreciated what they were doing.  I also found that they did another class for Feng Shou, once I was in a position to do both I started that with gusto.  So now you could say I was a mixed martial artist!
The two arts seems to be polar opposites, the karate, hard and rushing down the river to crush the opposition.
The T’ai Chi/Feng Shou is much softer and flows through the boulders winding its way downstream forcing all off its path.
I love both arts, I love the hardness of the karate, making me sure of what my body feels in doing its movements, I love the T’ai Chi as I make each muscle come into play as I move through the forms.