Week 8 – Doing Great!

We attended out two classes as per usual, my back was better as was my leg, so all seemed to go well. The push ups this Wednesday were a killer. I guess I know I have muscles there now, in fact racing against the instructor is not my idea of a fair one, but I had to, NOT!!! I managed to get most of the Hyung right and only messed up a couple of the turns so that felt like quite an achievement.
Todd received his suit and is very proud of it. I also wonderwebbed his back stance badge onto it. The kids get badges if they get things right, I want one too but I am an adult therefore not allowed. I must say its good for the kids as they feel like they are getting somewhere. We three were advised that we would be graded on Sunday. Excitement all round at our house.
Sunday came, we practiced at home this week and though not very confident about doing it all correctly we hope we do well. If we do we will be going out for tea. Class proceeded as normal, usual warm up, line ups and techniques. On the pads for Front kick and inside outside kick, its not fair my calf has gone again. It has been suggested that I strap it for the next class. Whilst the class continued we did the grading with the Instructor. We had to show that we knew stances and techniques and prove it. I even managed the free sparring which I find very hard. We were also asked to do the First Form (Hyung). Even though we did not need it, it was good to try and we only managed to mess up two of the turns, so that’s not too bad.

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