Week 9 – Yellow belts in Line

Very proud in our new belts, and we came to class with gusto. This week on Wednesday we enjoyed our class and the discipline is getting better for the children. We caused a little problem though, we take water bottles to class as in the times we get to sit at the back, we usually try to grab a drink. However this week we caused a few problems as we were not really quick enough. However, for ourselves we have decided to drink plenty before class and make sure we have some for after the class. Things seem to be getting more complicated and the moves too.
The Sunday class took its usual format. I enjoyed it and got to show off a bit. One of the Dan grades is attempting to learn a new technique which requires him to do a crab. He cannot do it very well at all. However I can manage it. Therefore I had to demonstrate to the class of what he wanted us to do. Again discipline was tighter, the children in the class, unfortunately need it. As well as the normal techniques and forms, which I managed the Basic Form correctly, therefore am feeling quite chuffed with myself, we did a couple of self defence moves for a bit of fun. Therefore if anyone tries to shake me to bits by the lapels, or strangles me I may be able to get them off me.

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