Week 16 – Often out of time

Another weeks training, its getting better honest I think. We got the chance to have a higher belt help us learn our next Hyung. I am getting behind with this now but will keep updating it occasionally. I have a friend who has been inspired back into the Martial Art he started a few years ago and gave up. So I feel that I have done some good with my Tang Soo Diary. I enjoy the classes very much and I am getting fitter. I still go to the gym and get weighed periodically. I may not have lost much weight but I have certainly improved my body fat ratio. Its down from 40.2 to 35.7%. So I am very pleased.
I have done this diary for 16 weeks mostly on rather than off. I have not done it recently but the next piece is about a Seminar with Master Johnson in July 2004.

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